About BioAmicus

BioAmicus Probiotics™ has a primary mission: to ensure healthy infant and child development by providing highly effective, uniquely beneficial probiotics. Our products are produced with infants and children in mind, however they are highly effective for people of all ages.
Located in Toronto, Canada, our company brings together the expertise of individuals with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Each batch of BioAmicus Probiotics™ is made with the highest attention to quality control and Good Manufacturing Practice to deliver a highly efficacious product for human health.

Our Goal:
Childhood conditions such as food allergy sensitivities, asthma, skin rashes, and other related inflammatory conditions are more prevalent than ever. Many blame the vaccine industry or genetically modified foods. However, research shows that children have signs to many conditions starting very soon after birth, even before their first vaccinations. In many cases there may be something more common occurring: the absence of beneficial bacteria due to an overzealous use of antibiotics and antimicrobials, combined with a switch in the way children are born and nurtured soon afterwards. These factors detrimentally affect newborn colonization with beneficial gut flora.

How exactly is this occurring? Hospitals today regularly give mothers doses of Antibiotics during delivery, to reduce the possibility of infections from GBS (Streptococcus), however unlikely that danger. In addition, more women are choosing C-sections for delivery. Furthermore, sterile formula feeding has overtaken normally probiotic-rich breast feeding. However, even breastfed babies may not be getting beneficial bacteria since their mothers may have had much of their beneficial gut flora depleted from years of antimicrobial exposure. One or more of these scenarios is enough to prevent newborns from developing crucial colonization by beneficial bacteria. For countless generations, beneficial bacteria was passed down from mother to child at birth and subsequent breast feeding. With this cross generational transfer being broken in the past few decades it should hardly be any wonder that many children today suffer from a string of chronic health and immune conditions.

Research finds how a body’s microbiome, a normally robust colony of beneficial bacteria occupying and guarding the digestive system, is vital to overall health. A depletion of beneficial gut flora should be replenished to avoid any interruption to health. Supplementation with a dietary probiotic is often the quickest and easiest way to fortify one’s digestive system. However, many probiotic products on the market consist of the most common few strains of ordinary bacteria specially intended for fermenting common yogurt. So what may have been depleted is only being replenished with less effective strains. Fact is the human microbiome requires specialized strains of probiotics that research shows confer specific digestive and immune benefits.

BioAmicus™ develops and produces products with the most effective strains of Probiotics for overall health. Our aim is to restore what has been lost by today’s antimicrobial environment; to provide digestive and immune health starting from birth that can last a lifetime. 

BioAmicus: Your friend for Life